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I was a busy and successful member of Empire Avenue from almost the very start.  I loved it, it was so addictive and was a great addition to my Social Media work.  I don’t remember the dates and details, but I was in the top 10 on a few of the leader boards before I left.

The people that I met had the same passion that I did for Social Media.  I was working at the time as a Social Media…

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Why You Should Join Empire Avenue – Your Guide to Sharing

Originally posted on fpvallet7:

Why You Should Join Empire Avenue – Your Guide to Sharing

To be plain with you, Napoleon and the Empire appeal a lot to the French !

So just imagine ‘Empire Avenue‘!

This sounds like the 12 Avenues Napoleon built in Paris around the ‘Triumph Arch’ of ‘Etoile’ (Star), including the famous

‘Champs-Elysées’ down to the ‘Concorde’ place.

Well in a word, this…

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What do Scottish marketers think about the Independence Referendum?

This is a work post. This is a work overlapping with life post. Actually, it’s mind boggling to think about the scale of interests involved in this post.

I work in Edinburgh. I spend much of my time working with clients who are not in Edinburgh. The Independence Referendum has me in a spin. I thought it interesting that only a…

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Sunish Captures the Legends of Tiruvannamalai

Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


This little temple town in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has some pretty big legends associated with its ruling deity. That temple tower is part of the Annamalaiyar Temple complex, whose reigning deity is Lord Shiva…one of the triumvirate of Hinduisms most important Gods, Brahma and Vishnu being the other two.

The temple complex,…

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Let the light show begin…

Originally posted on Greatpoetrymhf’s Weblog:

Let the light show now begin… May the surrender ever win. May the darkness now be past. May I share the joys that last. with heartfel thanks to Colin Hall – vision artist and visual artist – arti…


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Jewel…the ammonite of my heart

Originally posted on Greatpoetrymhf’s Weblog:

Ammolite ammonite, from the Rocky Mountains of...

Image via Wikipedia

Ammolite ammonite, from the Rocky Mountains of... Image via Wikipedia

HU a love song to Godammonite_front

Incantations of the ages

Wisdom of the sages

To night I will go among the stars

I will sing on Jupiter and Mars

The love of loving you superseded

The way you love is what was needed.

To the knight in my life

The king of my heart

Hearing your voice gives my day

A very…

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ROI 47% for Investments 40mins from Dubai Airport (DXB)

Originally posted on Invest in Dubai:

UAQ Marina Masterplan

Now that title deeds are being issued an investment opportunity arises with the prospect of making 47% net Return on Investment (ROI) within a year.

The facts:

  • Title deeds are available now
  • Emaar/Arabtec developed
  • Phase 1 (Mistral Villas) is completed
  • Banks are lending money now
  • Prices are a 3rd of comparable units in Arabian Ranches.
  • Only 2%transa…

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Oh, how it rained…


My friend’s lovely poetry!

Originally posted on Greatpoetrymhf’s Weblog:

thIt rained in the evening.

It rained all through the night.

It rained again in the early morning.

It rained as a surprise  with the noonday sun.

It rained to  fill the aching hearts.

It rained to  banish (1)

It rained as a blessing  to  the sleeping seeds.

The rain made everyone hurry.


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What is Holding Me Back?

Originally posted on Leadership Without Being in Charge:

If I am only a passenger in the vehicle thinking I am the driver, I do not have the control I believe I have. If everyone is a passenger, while an unknown driver who knows our destination is driving, what is there to worry about? If the driver doesn’t know the destination why am I a passenger? If I am in one car on a train, where people…

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