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What is Holding Me Back?

Originally posted on Leadership Without Being in Charge:

If I am only a passenger in the vehicle thinking I am the driver, I do not have the control I believe I have. If everyone is a passenger, while an unknown driver who knows our destination is driving, what is there to worry about? If the driver doesn’t know the destination why am I a passenger? If I am in one car on a train, where people…

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Peoples Choice Winners .. Empire Avenue Blogathon #EAV–Blogathon


Congratulations to all!

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

Three weeks ago Empire Avenue invited members to write blog posts about the site and 48 people responded , a big thank you to  everyone who took part.

This was followed by a weekend of voting during which all members could vote for their favorite blog post .

We are now releasing the results of the Peoples Choice Votes

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Leaders are NOT Babysitters


Excellent points, Michael!

Originally posted on Leadership Without Being in Charge:

My experience of most leaders and leadership is a mutual endeavor to be taken care of and to take care of ‘people’. That insures a codependence preventing ‘people’ from ever experiencing themselves as ‘leader’. Asking me to accept a babysitter for anyone older than fourteen is abuse. Yeah, but…

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Why Empire Avenue

Love Empire Avenue!!

What about boycotting all elephant riding?


I just love elephants and think so much of people and organizations who help them!

Originally posted on AlainBKK:

Boycotting means walking a very fine line. With the exception of ‘safari back riding’ in Sri Lanka and elephants found in urban areas, Elemotion Foundation does not support an across the board boycott of elephant riding.  For us, it depends on the case.  For…

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Want to have some Social Media fun this weekend?

Come visit us and join in on the fun!  Just use this link to set up a new account, it just takes a few minutes and you are ready to play!

Xpendapalooza events are the best way for a new player to get really successful on Empire Avenue right away.  Basically, all the experience players are ready to buy your shares and give you a huge boost this weekend.  You feel very…

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Increased Exercise associated with a Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer after Menopause @NHSChoices


Important info from my friend Des Daughter

Originally posted on DES Daughter Network:

Recent Recreational Physical Activity and Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausal Women

Women who exercised just moderately saw breast cancer risk drop by up to 10 per cent.

Exercise lowers risk of breast cancer after menopause” reports The Independent. This and similar headlines were…

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Work at Home options if you have hearing issues – no phone calls.

So many home business opportunities require you to call and follow up with sales calls. If you have problems with your hearing, you can do work that only requires text and email contact online!!

Never put yourself in a position where you have to do something that is very difficult or uncomfortable for you. It can be very frustrating make calls when you have hearing challenges.

We have…

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How To Challenge Your Friends To An Instagram Popularity Contest


Sounds like a fun use of Instagram!

Originally posted on SocialSafe Blog:

We all appreciate it when our friends ‘like’ our content on social networks. Whether it’s a status update we’ve posted or a photo, it’s always nice to get that social seal of approval on something you’ve created. However, what can be just as much fun is getting more likes than your friends when you post…

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Love Letters in an Abusive Relationship


I have so many friends who are writers. This is a thoughtful and alarming post on the state of events from my friend John Edward Lawson. Hope you find it helpful as well.

Originally posted on John Edward Lawson:

The author's facial expression as his brain hurts

My brain hurts…

I suspect many other authors and publishers received a message from Amazon in their email this morning. The missive relates to Amazon’s ongoing…

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